CMS Databases

If you want your website to be maintained quickly and easily by personnel without programming know-how, then a content management system is the right solution!

By linking to a database, a CMS is able to create new content on the website or quickly change existing content.

Design, function and content are clearly separated. The layout is in the form of templated files on a web server and the functional part is integrated with the programming of the CMS by scripts. The contents are inserted and configured via input masks.

The content or content stored in the database (images, texts, link lists, video, audio, tables, etc.) are loaded into the template, in a sample layout, and presented to the visitors of the website professionally.

Many content management systems have internal user management in which user groups can be defined and access rights assigned. This allows hierarchies to be created from the simple viewer, to the editor, to the super administrator.

We configure your CMS so that you can manage your content effortlessly. Naturally, we will train you intensively in dealing with the CMS.