Images are at the forefront of information gathering. With images, emotions can be better conveyed and they activate the viewer more, thus resulting in a faster contact between the picture and the viewer.

This knowledge can be used for the advertising sector. The employees of Scheid & Partner can advise you on how pictures are perceived, what circumstances encourage or prevent the perception, and how images are reflected in the context of the text.

Four factors are of great importance to develop their own language:

Duality: different image contents or statements contrast with each other
Information: The image conveys knowledge that is new, original and exciting
Surprise: rarity, gestures, original shapes and colors, as well as double exposures, distortions and blurring captivate an observer or customer
Seduction: In the case of sophisticated graphical representations, such as 3D landscapes, landscape presentations, etc., the viewer must feel that "I want to be there"