Product Design

The product design encompasses all steps from the design stage, through the graphic implementation to the craft production of a prototype or the product itself. Depending on the product, the product designer deals with the functionality, form-finding, feasibility and coloring of the product.

Although industrial design is increasingly dependent on the results of market research, it is not in a position to generate long-term market scenarios. Sustained concepts, however, are unavoidable, especially during long product development periods.

For this reason, the Agency defines objectives at the beginning of each product design and develops concepts based on them. On the basis of sketches, which give a first visual impression, errors are then analyzed and improved. A prototype is then created. This can be done by either a model or a 3D animation.

Many years of experience in this field enable us to design your product in consultation with you in such a way that it can be successfully placed on the market.