Your physicians - Dr. Fisherman stationery

For the relocation of general practitioners' practices your physicians in new practice rooms, which are better positioned for high-quality medical care, were approached by the Scheid & Partner team and commissioned to design their flyers.

Dr. Heinrich Hindelang & Marc Lohbeck (dentists) - poster

For the future of your teeth rely on the dentists Dr. Heinrich Hindelang & Marc Lohbeck, as their slogan "We are the future of your teeth" would like to convey. In the future of their practice, the two dentists are focusing on the outdoor advertising campaign designed for them, in order to attract attention on the streets.

Michelbach AG - Brochure

The Michelbach Group is a successful partner for air humidification, air conditioning and heat recovery. In order to give you a good insight into one of the various possibilities, Michelbach AG now provides a brochure on the subject of air humidification.

Michelbach AG - Roll Up

If you wish to modernize your existing ventilation / air-conditioning system, Michelbach Distribution AG supports and advises them in the planning of a new plant or the conversion of an existing plant. Michelbach AG has designed a roll-up for a modern trade fair presentation.

Obstoj & Leykamm

The KFZ expert office in Obstoj & Leykamm in Nuremberg, with a branch office in Roth, is your successful partner for more than 40 years.

Practice Dr. Thomas Bächer & colleagues - Website

If you are looking for an appealing medical contact point for complaints of all kinds or possibly a permanent home care, then you can easily convince yourself of the service on the new website of Dr. Bächer & colleagues.

Practice Dr. Thomas Bächer & colleagues - website for mobile devices

In the search for an appealing medical point of contact for complaints of all kinds or possibly a lasting medical care, the Internet today is a convenient solution, especially using mobile devices.

Practice Dr. Thomas Bächer & colleagues - business card

As a reliable and competent family physician practice, Dr. Bächer & colleagues do not only rely on their website, but emphasis on the spread of their name outside the Internet through business cards.

PION ONE AG Corporate Design

The corporate design of PION ONE AG was designed and structured by Scheid & Partner and is used in many advertising materials.


The PION ONE AG presents itself now with a new, modern website designed and structured by Scheid & Partner.

Michelbach Group 3D Images

For advertising and technical diagrams, the Michelbach Group focuses on the vividness of 3D graphics created by Scheid & Partner.

Michelbach Group 3D advertisements

The Michelbach Group goes with the times and uses the innovations in 3D for your ads. Concept, design and creation by Scheid & Partner.

Michelbach Gruppe 3D movie

In the Web, the Michelbach Group continues to set new standards, visit the homepage and look at the illustrative 3D movie.

Obstoj & Leykamm Classified advertising 2015

The Obstoj & Leykamm motor vehicle expert office regularly promotes regional magazines with advertisements that correspond to the corporate design of the website.

Obstoj & Leykamm vehicle design

The automotive expert office Obstoj & Leykamm is also an expert in electric vehicles and uses Tesla's own modern vehicle technology.

Obstoj & Leykamm Web

Obstoj & Leykamm, the motor vehicle expert office presents itself in 2015 with a new, modern website designed and structured by Scheid & Partner.

Real estate evaluation Weih Web

The expert office Weih in Nuremberg is now presenting a new, modern website designed and structured by Scheid & Partner.

Theater Poetenpack Potsdam Web

The Theater Poetenpack Potsdam will soon be presenting a new website with an integrated database designed and structured by Scheid & Partner.

Michelbach Gruppe ads and commercials

The Michelbach Group presents itself regularly in the specialist newspaper CCI with campaigns from Scheid & Partner.

Art Calendar 2015 Augmented Reality

Also in 2015, you will accompany our high-quality art calendar with new motifs through the year, which will give you an insight into the technology of Augmented Reality.

Michelbach exhibition stand

The Michelbach Distribution AG presented itself this year at the trade fair Chillventa in Nuremberg with an exhibition stand designed by Scheid & Partner.

Bio & Sell catalog

To present the high-quality products of Bio & Sell professionally, Scheid & Partner was commissioned to design and create a catalog.

“Ihre-Hausärzte” in Fuerth ads and commercials

The in-house-internal practice “Ihre-Hausärzte” in Fuerth trust in the team of Scheid & Partner in all matters concerning external display and advertising.

Michelbach Group Web

The Michelbach Group is successful with innovative solutions and is also on the web new ways, visit now the brandnew homepage:

SG Mittelfranken

The SG MITTELFRANKEN is a new cooperation from well-known swimming clubs of our region, which now appears together under a new logo.

“Ihre Hausärzte” Fürth Web

“Ihre Hausärzte” in Fürth sees yourself as your contact in all health and disease questions. We are your partner in the complex network of the health care system.

Obstoj & Leykamm Corporate Design

Our agency designed various materials, such as beachflags, rollups and exhibiton stands in a unique corporate design for the Obstoj & Leykamm expert office.

La Cascade Web

La Cascade - the perfect symbiosis of art, hospitality and French flair. Visit the harmoniously designed website and then this oasis of creativity and comfort.

Tax Office Haas Web

Tax Office Haas is your experienced and competent partner for all legal and tax matters in Zirndorf. Visit the new website now.

Michelbach Group Technologyforum

The Technologyforum Wien offered project managers, planners and engineers the opportunity to listen to lectures on the current topics in the climate industry. The agency Scheid & Partner supported the welcoming Michelbach Group with the creation of all relevant advertising materials.

Michelbach Group Danube City Towers

The Michelbach Group once again convinces with its unbeatable, chemistry-free technology in the ventilation and air-conditioning sector of the new Donau City Tower 1 in Vienna. A masterpiece of technology and architecture and a new landmark of the city of Vienna. Scheid & Partner also supports the Michelbach Group here and places the latest project in the advertising effectively.

Energiehaus Web

ENERGIEHAUS Nuremberg logo and website designed by Scheid & Partner. Interplay of clear visibility through logo, font and design, and extensive information about services such as energy saving measures and material optimization for any construction projects.

Michelbach Group Lenbachhaus

The Michelbach Group has shown once again that you have the highest demands for the protection of human health and the preservation of precious art with their chemically free cooling solutions, as well as the world novelty 5in1 / 3in1 (heating, cooling, moistening, dehumidifying and sterilizing in a plant with less enclosed space), is absolutely fair and Scheid & Partner set the project for advertising in the scene.

EUREM Corporate Design

Creation of the design manual by Scheid & Partner, which for the first time represents a worldwide clear application profile for all stakeholders to ensure a unique appearance of the company.


EUREM, as an institution which represents the same certification and a consistent professional image in all European and partly non-European countries, commissioned Scheid & Partner to draft a new Internet presence.

G93 real estate

Scheid & Partner created the new website of the GROUP 93 PROPERTIES, which provides a very attractive and well thought-out real estate offer for you.

G93 architecture

GROUP 93 ARCHITECTURE - a successful, tried and tested association of highly creative architects, construction managers, engineers and craftsmen. Now the new cooperation with Scheid & Partner.

Vocational Schools Nuremberg Chronicle

Scheid & Partner conceived and compiled the chronicle of all vocational schools of the city of Nuremberg from 1960-2010. The result was a demanding 460 pages of work. Don’t miss it!

Florist Association Campaign

FDF-Bayern (Association of German Florists, Association of Bavarians) will soon attract young people through a campaign to the education and support program, for the interesting but often underestimated professional florist. Look forward to it!

Celebes Divers

Celebes Divers, the most beautiful attraction in the Indonesian diving world. Not only diving, snorkeling and swimming are offered on Manado and Onong from Celebes Divers, but also exciting country trips and relaxing wellness facilities. Now with new website by Scheid & Partner!

Berufsschule 5 portfolio

The new portfolio 2013 of Berufsschule 5 - fashion, floristics, hairdressers, professional preparation - designed by Scheid & Partner has re-appeared.

Medizentrum Pharmacy Web

The Pharmacy Medizentrum in Erlangen with a clear new website developed by Scheid & Partner. Come and visit.

Ring Pharmacy Web

The Ring Pharmacy Erlangen with a clear new website developed by Scheid & Partner. Come and visit.

Textile Care Märkl Web

The cleaning company Märkl brings its customers fast, organized and uncomplicated cleanliness and hygiene, for example with systems for the prevention of dirt, such as dirt mats. To present these services, Scheid & Partner created their new website.

Obstoj & Leykamm

Obstoj & Leykamm, the motor vehicle expert office in Nuremberg, has been your successful partner for more than 40 years, now also in Roth with a new branch and a successful external effect thanks to Scheid & Partner.

Seawork Software

Seaworksoftware researches and plans latest software tools for portals and intermediary communication, as well as databases and control.

Maschinenservice Winkler Web

Since 1990, Winkler Maschineninenservice has been the master company for machine overhaul, trade and construction of metal-working machinery. The website was created by Scheid & Partner.

Supol-Gas station Web

SUPOL- Gas station operates a free gas station network with 17 stations in middle-sized towns in the Städtedreieck Nürnberg, Fürth, Erlangen. In addition, there are 2 motorway tank and rest areas in Lower Saxony and Thuringia. Scheid & Partner created the website concept.