Typeface Development

A corporate font is the font used by a company predominantly or even exclusively to achieve a uniform look. It is part of corporate design and corporate identity.

There are fonts with a matter-of-fact and technical appearance, playful fonts and inscriptions, as well as emotional and extremely individual character fonts.

The inscription, however, should be primarily readable and have a high degree of recognition. As it reflects corporate philosophy, it is essential to use it consistently throughout all business and advertising campaigns in order to give your customers the feeling of being "already familiar".

A handwriting that fits into the product offer underscores the individual character of your company.

When choosing the handwriting, aspects such as simplicity, size and strength can play a role. But handwriting or a futuristic design can be recommended in one case or another.

Together with the other areas of corporate design, this creates a memorable and thoroughly professional image, the corporate identity.