Web Design

In addition to programming your website, web design plays an important role in the design and implementation of your new Internet presence.

The company home page is becoming more and more a business card and a flagship of your company.

In addition to the mere information flow generated by a website from the company to the user, the corporate identity of the company should also be reflected in the web design.

The time of the most extravagant and extremely unusual web presence has long been counted. Of course animation effects or special color schemes can be installed to attract attention. The goal of a homepage is, however, to offer visitors the greatest possible benefits. This is usually achieved not by playful animations, but by a simple, well-designed and professional-looking web appearance.

Just as important as the design and the perfect implementation of the website is in today's time the compatibility with mobile terminals, especially with smartphones. The integration of on-demand databases and shop systems can also be an opportunity for your company.

Many web developers forget that more than half of Internet users now regularly access their websites with their smartphones. For this reason, we set up our websites for the respective devices or set up a second page for them.

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